In March 2020, PMI® announced a delay in the implementation of the exam updates related to the 2020 PMP® Exam Content Outline (ECO). PMP exam updates took effect on 2 January 2021.  The following resources provide an overview of these exam changes and how they will impact your PMP course offerings, the CertWise Learning System for PMP Exam Preparation materials, and your students.

How Did the PMP® Exam Change? Explore these PMI Resources.

How Were the CertWise Course Materials Updated?

2020_CW_elements_composite_large_selfstudyThe CertWise Learning System for PMP® Exam Preparation, Version 6.19 is now available! Participant and instructor materials have been updated to align with the 2020 PMP Exam Content Outline (ECO). Instructors can access a webinar recording that outlines exam and product changes on

Throughout the transition to the updated exam on 2 January 2021, CertWise provided information and support to our Global Education Partners. Download this flyer for an overview of changes and our advice for working through this transition.

The following are important points to remember:

  • The PMP exam was updated on 2 January 2021.
  • All PMP prep classes should now be using the updated materials.
  • We are offering a free upgrade to the updated program (V6.19 – online version) to all PMP candidates with an active license for the CertWise Learning System for PMP Exam Preparation, upon request. This means they are covered if they are unable to sit for the exam before it changes. Printed books will be available for an extra fee of $100 plus applicable shipping and taxes.

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