The CertWise® Essentials of Project Management course is designed to provide educational institutions with premium quality student study materials and customizable instructor resources. The program offers working professionals a fundamental introduction to project management practice and application. Essentials of Project Management is easy to implement and can be offered as a stand-alone course or as a stepping-stone course to a Project Management Certificate program or PMP® exam preparation.

The Essentials of Project Management Course offers …

• A practical “how to” course serving professionals who are interested in entering the project management field, are part of a project team, or will be overseeing a project.

• Turn-key, high quality course materials including reading materials and online study tools for students PLUS complete instructor materials with PowerPoint slides, course syllabus, online session reports, and more.

• Worry-free updates and product management, allowing your institution and instructor to focus on course promotion and delivery.

• One-on-one support for course planning, 24/7 ordering from our online Partner Store, and access to marketing copy and tools through our online portal, Partner Resource Central (PRC).

Looking for a PMP® exam preparation course? We’ve got you covered!

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What’s included in the CertWise Essentials of Project Management course?

The following course materials are available for your students and instructors.



  • Four modules cover key project management topics.
  • Each module includes section activities and “End of Module Assignments” where students check their understanding of the material and apply what they’ve learned before moving on to the next module.

Module 1

Project Management: The Discipline and the Profession

  • Section A: What are Projects
  • Section B: Building Successful Projects
  • End of Module Assignments

Module 3

Executing, Controlling, and Closing the Project

  • Section A: Executing the Work
  • Section B: Monitoring and Controlling
  • Section C: Closing and Lessons Learned
  • End of Module Assignments

Module 2

Planning and Balancing Project Work

  • Section A: Planning the Project
  • Section B: Balancing the Scope with Schedule and Budget
  • End of Module Assignments

Module 4

Strategic Values of Projects

  • Section A: Moving Beyond a Single Project
  • Section B: Communicating Value
  • Section C: The Future of Project Management
  • End of Module Assignments


The CertWise® Essentials of Project Management course provides a learning path through interactive online study tools. These tools help students apply the concepts learned in the reading materials and test their understanding and retention of the topics. Students have access to the online tools for one year.

  • Case Studies: Throughout the course, students engage with case study projects that emphasize the hands-on, practical, approach to project management. Instructors have the option to grade several case studies for additional assessment/grading opportunities.
  • Templates: As students move through the course, they will complete activities to help them apply concepts. Students can use templates on future work projects.
  • Quizzes: Module quizzes will be assigned to help students measure their understanding of the content.
  • Other Resources: Links to additional project management resources are provided within the product for quick and convenient access.

The CertWise® Essentials of Project Management instructor materials include everything needed to prepare and deliver a consistent and effective learning experience.

Instructor Resource Book:

The Instructor Resource Book gives instructors the background and direction they need to introduce and teach the course.

  • Student and instructor responsibilities
  • Course syllabus (sample course outline)
  • Recommended time allocations
  • Information on how to customize and use the PowerPoint slides
  • An overview of the online session reports

Instructor Version of Student Materials:

The instructor version of the materials includes the same content that is provided to students.

Downloadable PowerPoint Slides:

Instructors can download the PowerPoint slides to guide instruction and present general concepts. Slides can be modified or reorganized to suit class and instructor needs.

Online Session Reports:

When students complete the quizzes and activities included in the CertWise® Essentials of Project Management course, their progress and results are available to instructors through the Learning Analytics Center. The reports allow instructors to see how students are progressing through the course, grouped by session, and help them develop a custom learning plan for their students.