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The Team Training option allows you to build a customized PMP® training program for your staff of 2 or more. Our corporate training specialists will help you develop a self-study or instructor-led training program, to be delivered locally at one site, or to a geographically dispersed group. You’ll enjoy volume pricing, online group progress reports, and a consistent, premium quality training experience.

The Team Training option may be your perfect fit if…

  • You are looking for consistent, high quality project management training for a group of two or more individuals.
  • You don’t have the time or budget to create and update your own training program.
  • You would like to ensure a high return on your investment by tracking your staff’s progress and achievements.
  • You want to save with volume pricing.

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What’s included in the Team Training option?

Our corporate training specialists will work with you to develop a training program that meets your specific needs and budget.

  • Choose self-study or instructor-led course format.
  • Customize your course with examples from your organization and industry.
  • Track team and individual progress with online reports to ensure a high return on your investment and identify team strengths and weaknesses.
  • Enjoy volume discounts, whether you have a team of 2 or 200.

Your course can include the following components:


  • Structured course syllabus: An instructor will guide your team through a set syllabus and assignments to ensure they stay on track to complete their studies. Syllabus is designed to meet PMI’s 35 contact-hour requirement for PMP® eligibility.
  • Virtual or live classroom format: Instructor-led courses may be offered in either the traditional live classroom format for a team in one location or virtual format for teams that are geographically dispersed.
  • Instructor guidance: Your expert instructor will use class time to highlight important topics, share insights, and discuss questions. Your instructor can customize your course to include examples from your industry or company.
  • Class discussions: Your team will discuss topics and can share experiences pertaining to real projects.


  • Three printed books provide in-depth exploration of the 5 performance domains (Process Groups) from the PMP® Examination Content Outline, and are organized to follow the PMBOK® Guide—Sixth Edition.
  • A glossary of key PMP terminology is included at the end of each chapter, with official PMI® definitions (utilizing the PMBOK® Guide—Sixth Edition glossary or PMI Lexicon of Project Management Terms Version 3.0).
  • Progress check questions are included at the end of each chapter to help check participants’ understanding and retention of topics.

book1_vertical_whiteChapters 1-3

Provide context and an overall framework for the 10 Knowledge Areas
– Chapter 1: Project Management Concepts
– Chapter 2: Project Management Framework
– Chapter 3: Project Management Skills

book2_vertical_whiteChapters 4-13

Teach the 10 Knowledge Areas of the PMBOK® Guide—Sixth Edition
– Chapter 4: Integration Management
– Chapter 5: Scope Management
– Chapter 6: Schedule Management
– Chapter 7: Cost Management
– Chapter 8: Quality Management
– Chapter 9: Resource Management
– Chapter 10: Communications Management
– Chapter 11: Risk Management
– Chapter 12: Procurement Management
– Chapter 13: Stakeholder Management

book3_vertical_whiteChapter 14

Finalize your PMP® exam preparation with exam tips and strategies and practice worksheets for final review
– Chapter 14: Exam Preparation and Review


Your team will have 24/7 access to interactive online study tools for one full year.


Over 900 practice questions are included in the following online tools:

  • Pre-test: Evaluate initial knowledge to identify areas of strength and weakness and focus studies.
  • Chapter Quizzes: Test comprehension, retention, and ability to apply concepts.
  • Process Group Quizzes: Practice questions organized by PMP® Exam performance domains (Process Groups).
  • Flashcards: Review important key terms and definitions.
  • Post-test: Gauge knowledge gained and areas that require further study. Participants who complete the post-test with a score of 80% or higher will earn a certificate of completion.
  • Practice Exam: Build confidence with a computer-based practice exam.
  • Progress Reports: Track activities and scores.
  • Resource Center: Access helpful test-taking tips, PMP® Exam resources, feedback links, and more.